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Rental Conditions

General conditions

1.1. The landlord leases the vehicle to the client and guarantees that at the time of the transfer of the Car for rent, the Car is in good technical condition and is suitable for its intended use. No car breakdown during the period of its lease shall be regarded as a violation (non-fulfillment) of the obligations of the Lessor under the Contract.

1.2. At the time of renting the vehicle, the Client is responsible for a thorough check of his condition. The parties should immediately indicate any obvious damage and draw up a statement.

1.3. The Client guarantees that he or other persons authorized to drive a Car in accordance with the Agreement:

have all the necessary permits, licenses and certificates for the right to drive a motor vehicle;

there is no evidence of criminal prosecution as a result of a traffic accident;

there is no physical or mental illness or disorder that is an obstacle to driving a vehicle;

these persons were not excluded from driving because of alcohol or drug abuse.

2. Vehicle use

2.1. The client is obliged to familiarize himself with the rules of using them before using the Car.

2.2. The client guarantees fair and accurate use of the vehicle. In particular, he independently and at his own expense performs regular standard maintenance, namely, checking the level of water, oil, brake fluid. During periods of non-use of the car should be set on the alarm.

2.3. The cost of fueling is borne exclusively by the Client.

2.4. The client undertakes not to use the vehicle in the following cases: for transportation of prohibited and dangerous goods and goods; to transport passengers for financial gain;

for teaching others to drive, even free of charge; for towing or moving other vehicles;

in case of an accident or mechanical failure; in sporting events;

under the influence of drugs, alcohol or drugs;

2.5. The client is not allowed to transform the vehicle, change its technical equipment, install or remove any parts or accessories, put any inscriptions on it.

2.6. The client is obliged at his own expense to pay parking and all fines and other penalties imposed during the operation of the car. In case of payment of such amounts by the Landlord, the Client shall immediately compensate them to the Landlord.

2.7. The client ensures the safety of the car during the entire rental period. The client guarantees that he will not leave the vehicle without first checking that all doors are locked, that the windows and the convertible top are closed, that the keys are not left in the ignition lock, the cabin or the doors of the vehicle.

2.8. At the request of the Landlord, the Client undertakes to inform about the location of the Vehicle.

3. Obligations of the Client in the event of a technical vehicle breakdown, an accident or damage to the vehicle

3.1. The client must immediately notify the Landlord in writing of any technical damage to the vehicle.

3.2. If an accident or breakdown results from the unauthorized or careless handling of a vehicle, the customer is responsible for any costs associated with damage to the vehicle, including paying for the rental of a vehicle for the number of days of idleness required for repairs in accordance with the prices set in the price list. list

3.3. The landlord shall not be liable for any delay, loss, direct or indirect, resulting from a technical failure of the vehicle.

3.4. In the event of damage to the Car or a traffic accident (including theft, attempted theft or vandalism), the Client undertakes to:

immediately call the policeman;

obtain a copy of the protocol with a detailed list of damaged property; record witnesses;

within 24 hours from the moment of the incident notify the Lessor in writing;

within 2 days, provide the Lessor with all the necessary documents for obtaining insurance indemnity from the insurance company.

4. Customer Responsibility

4.1. The Client is solely responsible for all claims and claims arising from his failure to comply with the terms of this Agreement.

4.2. From the moment of receiving the car for use until handing it to the Lessor, the Client is the owner of the leased vehicle and, in accordance with current German law, is liable to third parties for damage caused by a source of increased danger.

5. Rights and obligations of the Lessor

5.1. If the unsuitability of the Car is revealed for operation, the Lessor shall replace it at its discretion and undertakes to provide a vehicle similar in characteristics to the rented vehicle.

5.2. The Landlord shall not be liable for damages due to malfunctions and breakdowns of the Car, which are not caused by the Lessor.

5.3. The lessor shall not be liable for damage caused to personal belongings transported in a motor vehicle and owned by the Client or a third party.

5.4. The Landlord has the right to terminate this Agreement ahead of time and to demand the immediate return of the Car if the Client violates any of the conditions of the Agreement, as well as if the Customer gives incorrect information when concluding the Agreement. In this case, the Client is obliged to return the Vehicle to the Lessor immediately after receiving the notice of the Lessor of the termination of the Agreement.

6. Customer's obligation to return the vehicle

6.1. The Client is obliged to return the Car with a clean, fuel supply no less than at the beginning of the lease term, in perfect working condition at the place and on the day specified in the Agreement, with all accessories and a complete set of documents provided by the Landlord. The client has no right to withhold the vehicle in any way.

6.2. The return of the vehicle to the Lessor is confirmed by the signing by the Parties of the bilateral Act of returning the Vehicle.

6.3. In case of non-return by the Customer of the Car within the period established by the Agreement, the Landlord has the right to appeal to the policemen with a statement about the hijacking of the Car.

6.4. With an increase in the rental period of the car, the Parties draw up a new lease agreement.